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Moodytwin is a brand that implements a couture feel to streetwear, contrasting its dark moody – toned (hence the brand name) goth vibe with slouchy, monochromatic simplicity and minimal detailing.

Founded by designer Miranda Vidak; idea behind it was taking inspiration in dark deconstructed fashion and giving it a broken-down street ease. 

Preferring a dark, dramatic, avant-garde couture, Miranda was set to create a street brand that would take on such couture, in a "unfinished" T-shirt kinda way. 

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  • Philosophy

    We develop signature pieces of art, away from traditional accessories and mass production. Our goal is proving the sustainability does not take away from the luxury or quality. Our collections are made to be seasonless and timeless.

  • Ethics

    Moodytwin believes in an open and transparent production process. Every piece we design or creative decision we make is done with a care about conditions our skins are sourced from, and the environment’s best interest.

  • Process

    The leather we use is a byproduct from the food industry, insuring no animal is killed for its skin. Most of our leather is vegetable tanned, using only natural oils and dyes, providing a safe process for the environment. 


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Clutch, Crossbody, Tote & Overnight