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  • Logo

    Our logo collecrion
  • Signature Printed

    Premium collection of basics with a printed Moodytwin signature
  • Signature Embroidered

    Premium collection of basics with an embroidered Moodytwin signature
  • Varsity

    Nostalgia collection

  • Illest

    Premium Illest

  • Los Bullshit

    Pigment-dyed & fleece Los Bullshit collection
  • Nostalgia

    Our nostalgia collection
  • Croatia Collection

    Collection inspired by Croatia Home and Away jerseys
  • Moods

    Premium Moods collection with custom embroidery
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our story

  • Our Leather

    We develop signature pieces of art, away from traditional accessories and mass production. Our goal is proving the sustainability does not take away from the luxury or quality. Our handbags are made to be seasonless and timeless.

    our process 
  • Designer

    Moodytwin is founded by designer Miranda Vidak. Pairing a quality casual wear with the impeccably constructed leather bags & accessories is a duality play represented in Miranda's work and the name of the brand.

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Check out what we've been up to, newest products released, a story behind collections & Miranda's chat with some cool moodytwin wearing people we admire.