Let’s talk about the talk for a second here, folks. Words. Talk. Conversation. I put a tons of stock in those 3 little things. Alarmingly, the current world puts none. And honestly, I’m way to sick and tired of it. Are you tired?

And you should be too.

You should be tired of every single person that’s not able to talk or text or communicate properly, of every guy (or maybe even a girl) who’s a mute motherfucker and can not respond to a text, of everyone that sees a challenging conversation as a confrontation, and sees only mundane six word sentences as conversation, or everyone that tunes out when you have something emotional to say, of everyone that sees any type of talk as too demanding.  

Lose all those people.

In recent months I dealt with people who create chaos on purpose but when called out on it – respond with: “ You talk too much, shorten it a bit”, people who can not respond to a text properly because its too long, who can not have a conversation because its too challenging (challenge that mostly they created), people who walk through life saying simple sentences and expecting same in return, people who dumbed down everything life is worth living for and that is hearing the right words from someone, hearing a feedback when you’re struggling and, finally, someone LISTENING to you when you’re about to break.

Everyone who puts restrictions on words flowing freely in which ever amount they need to flow to reach their destination – can fucking die in six pains for all I care.

I’m serious.

I dealt with people who are late for meetings, dinners, appointments or just meet-ups, canceling last minute but have some unbelievable nerve to get upset for you bringing it to their attention. “You are just too much, too crazy, I need to take a break from this friendship”. No responses. And maybe a week later a weak ass “Sorry but you’re too intense for me and I got to work on ME “ – a slogan every loser on this planet uses to justify his/her dickness that won’t ever amount to nothing.

I dealt with a relationship this summer with someone so unable to have a flow of communication, when I would try to point it out in the most precise way possible, I would meet with a – “Please don’t write me books”!

Guys, our predecessors courted each other with books, poems, meaningful conversations that can twist your world upside down, the right word said by a right person could move mountains, what the hell happened to us? What the hell happened that we are that dumbed down we only have capacity for mundane chit-chats that don’t mean anything?

Instead of living off of words someone picks for you, we can’t hear, we can’t listen, we can’t have capacity for one thing that makes life worth living.

All those that can’t read your text, can’t tell you how they feel, can’t react when you tell them, blame you for talking too much when you want to express want, need, sorrow; all those that put restrictions on your words, how, where and how much – why are they in your lives?

There is a quote from Californication that summarizes the whole point why we inhabitate this planet – 

She said one thing, I said another. Next thing I knew, I wanted to spend the rest of my life in the middle of that conversation.

Not being able to communicate or thinking the words are not that important – it’s a disease.

Operate it out of your life.

Miranda Vidak
Miranda Vidak

Artist, designer, writer; Founder & Editor in chief of Moodytwin; Creative Director at Vidak Studio. Penchant for spying on the society, its culture & its trends.

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