I often marinated this thought in my mind, really only ever just a thought, that never fully developed into a concept: are constantly hopeful and constantly positive people, sort of that annoying cheerleader types – really just lazy, slightly entitled motherfuckers?

Let’s make something clear right from the top: I dig hope. I didn’t mean that kind of hope where you break your leg and hope to heal fast or hope the world will be a decent place sometimes soon – that is a good general hope. What I meant, and what’s that special marinade I mentioned in the beginning: people that hope. People that JUST hope. People who think that hoping is enough. People who don’t work on anything because hope will get them there.

Am I insane?

They annoy the fuck outta me. You know that cheer-y types constantly posting some annoying boosts on social media: “Go hunny, you will make it, you will kill it, just hope, you are awesome, you deserve it, you got it, just HOPE!!!”

Get the fuck outtahere.

If you actually got up and made a certain effort to get there, you wouldn’t need to hope. It’s my marinade I try to put into a concept to make the case out of it, but I was never actually sure if I’m just insane to think this way, and maybe they actually hope + work on it, but knowing most of those cheery-y boost-y types in person; guess what, they ain’t.

Then I read something interesting the other day, from a blog of a very special soul I was lucky to run into in my life; and I just love her train of thought (you should definitely check her out on her blog raynawrites.com), and she writes –

“I believed that hope was a quality that existed in people of non-action. I always associated hope with weakness, a whimsical quality rooted in lack and insecurity. I always thought we reserved hope for something we ultimately knew we would never hold.”


“I always thought we reserved hope for something we ultimately knew we would never hold.”

Suddenly my marinade was forming into a concept! That is exactly what I’ve been feeling. Hoping you will be something, is mostly you not actually putting much effort into becoming that something. It’s like the action of hoping dissolves your try.

I see that as lazy.

On the other hand, “negativity” is always frowned upon, in the society. You are so negative! I often hear. When the optimist come up to me and say – No, soon I’ll be living amazingly, as soon as I start acting, I will have so much money and my life will be great! Then I say, wait, you are foreign, you have an accent, you never had a role in your life, you are already 35, plus you don’t audition, nor you have agents, how exactly do you think you can live off of acting? Its the hardest way to make a living month in, month out. You can maybe hit a role or two, but live off of it, not sure it makes sense, really.

“O my god Miranda, you are so negative! Have a little hope! I will make it! Or 40, wants to be a singer, no voice, screeching on Youtube; how, fam? Miranda, you soooo negative. Have some hope!”

Hate to break it to you, but carving the most sought after careers on the planet like acting or singing do not require hope, they require a surgical precision of though, plan, action, realistically knowing your strengths and weaknesses, where you are in the market, what did you do so far, how much runway you got to be able to get there. And that’s considering you have a drop of talent, whereas most of those who choke us with “hope” have none.

Is that the opposite side of spectrum? Like Thor and Loki? Is talent and drive opposite than hope and non action? Most definitely, with what I hear every day.

Its a phenomenon really.

Oscar talk is my favorite. Almost every loser that lands on LAX and I had disadvantage to meet has the exact same line – next year I will get the Oscar! NEXT YEAR? Hope has legit OG schedule, too.

Leo got it after 654 misses, Michael Shannon still doesn’t have it, YET people with no roles, no training at 40 dream of it. I will never ever ever ever get it, that famous hope concept.

I have a friend over 40, foreign, maybe 2 roles oversees, none here. For 10 years yapping about Oscar. Never does anything, tries anything, no effort, no action, none. Finally he too felt the constant talk of “next year” is dumb, since there’s no movement of even a role in a decade, so he adjusted his Oscar Hope. Custom made it! The other day he says it again, the famous words that trigger me to cross on the other side of the street (or blow my brains), but he says it again – “but I’ll get it for sure”. I ask what, hoping I misunderstood something but to no avail, he says – “I will most definitely get that Oscar”. I just stood there, unable to even insult anymore as it’s my specialty to have the urge to crush the unproductive unrealistic-ness.

I don’t even have a filter anymore. I say it straight, you are insane, and you will never get a fucking chocolate Oscar, buddy, getthefuckouttahere. But what he says next is even more priceless: “Maybe I don’t get it with acting but I will MOST DEFINITELY get it with WRITING.”

I’ll let that marinate for a second. So you can try to make the concept of this fuckery, starring HOPE in the lead role.

I ask him, what have you written? Noting still but I’m working of few things. Did you ever write anything in your life? No but I’m putting a script together. BUT DID YOU ACTUALLY …..

No but ….

Did you ever write a blog post, anything? No, but …

So why do you think you … at this point to say the sentence why do you think you can get an Oscar – is probably dumber that his thought itself, so I stop there, but he continues – I know you don’t believe me, but I have HOPE I will get an Oscar with my writing.

Like my friend says, it’s like hoping liberates you from the pain of try. The pain of doing. And mostly the pain of sitting down with yourself and truly give your self a chat to understand why you think you’re worthy of hope, but not worthy of effort?

Are you a dreamer or a DOER?

Let it marinate …

Photo by – sonjalekovic.com