Not many things in this world give me more pleasure as watching food photography. It’s a phenomenon! If you’re one of those too, why do we do it? Why does it give so much joy? It’s almost as its more pleasurable than actually eating. If you’re reading my Moodytwin Blog long enough, you know I consider food a serious form of art. And being one of the most difficult mediums to shoot, food photography is, in my opinion a highest for of artistry. Hand in hand with styling it. San Francisco’s Katie Newburn‘s passion for the medium can be seen on every single photo she creates. Her imagery is just something entirely else. The way she manipulates the placement with light and textures, agh, the textures! Doesn’t she marvel at textures? I love her use of blue & yellow colors in styling and lighting; and the fact her pieces looks like canvases, no margins, no padding! The idea of spread out Olive Oil with Balsamic with the bread streaks is just phenomenal content creation.

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