Connor Tingley – is one of our favorite LA artists. There’s just something so cool about this creative, his art transcends his canvas, and spreads well onto his persona. Connor simply took LA art scene by fashionable storm, one fab collector at a time. In his own words – “I never studied Picasso, I never studied Chagall. The only painter I loved was John Singer Sargent, who was the last great classical painter.” Originally, he wanted to be an animator, apprenticing under famed illustrator Sheldon Borenstein at age 11, and the influence can be seen in all his pieces.

We’re obsessing over Connor’s over-sized abstract drawings using oils and charcoal, our fav piece being a giant canvas with his own half-face. And that illustrator apprentice paying off – with a lineup of fashion and magazine collaborations in queue (Vogue), he’s making all the right splashes in the right places.