More brands than ever are approaching their branding/product placement in the refreshing – no fuss – attitude. The newly make up adventure – Milk Makeup , from trailblazing Milk Media and their famed Milk Studios is just that. They are clever, hip, provocative & effortlessly innovative. And their make-up line packaging is just that. Excellent.

The visuals; not just the products, but also the web design is super clean but engaging. In the times where our eyes are over saturated with content, the overall aesthetics & attitude of the line is completely contrary to today’s Instagram glam atrocities.

Milk Makeup LOOKS and FEELS effortless. The items are a little pieces of social subculture study; they have this irresistible 90’s vibe to it. Marker for a eyeliner, like the one we all used in high school, cut narrowly, which actually makes the perfect wing in one stroke? Absolutely brilliant.

The tint, the gloss, the sticks you can use on skin, cheeks AND lips, the pigments, the stains, the dabbing technique of applying with the product directly, or just your fingers, no need for thousands of brushes. 

And the website? Simply excellent execution you have to see live – Milk Makeup (give special attention to the how-to looks videos), as well as brilliant looks change on a scroll.